The Elevator Pitch For Trainers

     Every year, when the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Annual State of the Industry Report comes out, one of the topics that are guaranteed to be part of the discussion is some finding about the need for learning professionals to communicate the value of training. The conversation that began with Kirkpatrick and continues… Continue Reading

Are You Choosing the Right Learning Interventions?

OD professionals have a number options at their disposal to assist in solving the many change issues that their organizations face.  Choosing the right approach can mean the difference between the success or failure of the intervention. Therefore choosing the appropriate option is key.  This  post will give you a brief synopsis of some of the… Continue Reading

Agile Methodology For Training Webinar

The technology changes that have occurred over the past five years have drastically reshaped how we live and learn. To keep up with these new expectations, the most successful companies have changed the way they do business by adopting product development approaches that shorten the development lifecycle, and allow them to supplement major product releases… Continue Reading