Agile Methodology for Developing & Measuring Learning

Training organizations that hope to remain relevant must mirror what’s important to the businesses they support. This means demonstrating product innovation through frequent updates and refreshes to their offerings. Many cutting edge businesses have adopted Agile development as a means to meet this end. Training organizations that want to remain relevant must do the same. Join me to learn a proven step-by-step process for how to transition your current training development approach into an Agile model.

  • What is Agile?
  • The Agile process
  • How to implement Agile in a training environment

Transformational Leadership

Can it get anymore intense. When the second in command is played by actor Denzel Washington and the arrogant captain is played by Gene Hackman the drama of what true leadership is cannot be demonstrated any louder. Kaliym Islam walks you through a process that will teach you how transformational leaders communicate a shared vision and motivate followers to engage in behavior that helps an organization reach its vision. Transformational leaders engage, provide intellectual stimulation, and create individualized support.

This interactive presentation introduces attendees to the practices of a transitional leader, compare and contrast leadership styles, and offer leadership approaches that can be implemented immediately.